by Ziggy The Rabbit

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released December 1, 2011

Lúka Razmo- Vocals, Guitar, Drums

Ricky Cunningham- Vocals, Guitar

Kieran Murphy- Vocals, Bass Guitar, Keyboard



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Ziggy The Rabbit Leinster, Ireland

A Five Piece Band Featuring Lúka Razmo, Kieran Murphy, Ricky Cunningham, Josh Cautley and Aaron Cunningham.

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Track Name: Sculptor
Take your seat upon Jupiter,
To watch the greatest show on Earth,
A man tries to escape his lines,
But every man ill advised.
Well I went to get fixed, I'd be back pretty soon,
‘It's not a place you'll know forever son,
here's the key to your room...’
Well hey Ma, i'm not a junkie anymore.
All those memories, I won't die thinking of…
Track Name: Made Of Stone
Well I came back the other day,
My sky blue eyes were kinda drained,
I was feelin' kinda good but kinda dead,
Theres a tear down my face just like there should be...
Life is a smooth kind of smoke,
Take what you need, leave a drag for me.
All these shades let me know
Good days are bad days too, you just gotta smoke through.
Well I came back from the sanest place,
The place where they put you when
you know that they were the good days,
Terror's eyes and junkies on the street,
All stop to take a good hard look at me.
Well life is a smooth kind of smoke,
Take what you need, leave a drag for me.
All those shades let me know,
Good days are bad days too, we always smoke
Took a walk in the melting snow,
To the place where the junkies go,
Beside the station on a night so cold,
When I wasn't made of stone....
The orange street light cut my mind,
soon to be a  soul left behind,
But still I wore  my greatest smile,
When I wasn't made of stone.
 Now the days go a different way,
Just as trippy but not the same,
A little warmer, harder to bear,
Well I wasn’t made of stone.

 I'll age by a quiet stream,
And get younger in my dreams,
The trees will laugh at me,
Well I'm not made of stone...
Track Name: Trees
Stay, stay away.
I've got my mind,  but its borderline.
These Days, acts as a crutch,
Don't live too much,
Or you'll lose your smile.
These velvet hills and purple leaves,
Let you sleep, let you sleep.
Well I fell in love with the moon and the stars.
Saw the Earth's rise from a stance on the sun,
And i thought it pretty strange when i didn't get burned.
Well I've got my teeth and my eyes I can stare.
Well, well away,
To this day, in the bad sort of way.
Here, here it is real,
Like steps of steel, or the passing cars.
It'll be pretty lonely in the Vacuum of space,
But I guess it'll be nice that you won't have to wait,
For your turn to talk about your take on the wind,
Pretty soon the heads are going to spin.

You like to dream of thing you shouldn't be dreaming of.
Like steps on the moon, or a passing of flame.
You wonder why folks don't walk like you do,
You see purple skies,
And taste lemon rain,

These are the days.
Play with the bee-hive, stub your toe,
Climb the trees the world told you not to.
Searching high amongst the leaves,
Until you fall,
So slowly to,
Future days.
And you get kinda strange, strange,
Livin' life in your own head,
And you get kinda strange,
You get kinda brave.

Its just people, its just people,
They'll try and get you down,
But you're always on the right side,
Of the ground.

Well I, I found God,
In my kitchen sink.
Well I found hope,
In the veins of an enemy.
Don't grow, grow too old,
In this life I see.
Cos we found love,
A-top a Willow tree.
Track Name: Alcatraz
Mind shocks are coming,
Calling around like you owe them money,
A  rising sun, well only in your head,
Gimme ten years Angel thinks that I'll be dead.
Rage, well rage isn't my view.
Eat some stone, cos they bought and sold you,
For better days that come that look like silver,
But when you arrive you'll find only life can kill you.
And I’ve been searchin' for a moldy piece of bread,
I wanna sing a song of truth that makes you hang your head.
For blue sky shame over what you shoot and how you aim,
For blue sky shame, for blue sky shame, for blue sky shame.
Your fallin' around,
Beat down,
head on the icy track.
Lemonade spill, get your kills,
Hide the pills..
And relax.
In your mind space,
You run from every disease,
And just like me when I'm on the street
Begging for the rain...

Track Name: Mountain Song
Way upon the mountain, I'll stay, I'll stay,
Yeah, the final forest bears my name, bears my name,
Runnin' towards tomorrow, I'll pay, I'll pay,
Is that the moral, of today, of today.

This is my darkest day,
Said to become just a drop of the rain,
In a memory, flood your veins and i'll steal your dreams,
Oh I'd rather be a cosmonaut on a venus venice beach.

Walk with the scarecrow and you'll pay the price,
With all your sleepless nights on the mountain forest floor,
I went out walking under the night sky,
The stars came out to greet me one last time.

‘What you gonna' do son?’

I think I'll run...

This was my darkest hour,
I was fighting the hounds from the depths of my brain,
I was in repair, awooden heart found hard to be shared,
The trees are on fire,
Still I broke my back just to get a little high.
Track Name: Lights Out
Walkin' around the desert storm,
Nothin' to shield me from the burnin' of the sun,  
Walkin' fallin' on my words, on my knees,
Waitin' on my friend the Scarecrow,
Waitin' on my friend the Scarecrow.

I'd take the punches if my face weren't numb,
Weather the storm if I had a pretty return,
My minds been bleached and I can't get away
Waitin' on my friend the "Scarecrow"
Waitin' on my friend my friend.

If you're feelin' kinda lonely,
If you're feelin' kinda low,
Feelin' kinda restless,
Ain't gotta home?
Here am I, here are friends.

If you're feelin kinda lonely,
If you're feelin kinda low,
Feelin' kinda hopeless,
Got no home.
Ain't got a home.

And you feel like an actor,
You buy yourself a line.
Runnin' toward the exits but the buildings not on fire.
And I'm not done yet,
And I'm not done yet.
Track Name: Scarecrow
My veins are alluding to something more special,
In each reality "hand us your medals son!"
Now what do we get in the end?
Just a piece of us died with someone else.
And the mask fell off low and behold,
A face of, rotting wood!
Insects are falling and crawling and growing in numbers,
they follow me home,
To the place where I like to rest my head and dream those half
sketched dreams. Its a sunny day, a sunny day of broken realities

I am just a man I am just a man (he was just a man)

Love and silence, love and silence
You live all your days in your fears,
Well I couldn't listen to my own screams..
Your brother and sister left ya in a bad way,
But their energy still loves you,
In all the games you like to play,
The harder the ground you walk upon,
The better the taste, That great glowing sky,
Its just in reach
Miles of love and miles of hatred for us to run through,
Eros sits on a throne,
In your mind.

Has the grass been growin', have the seeds been sewn?
Or something worse,
Flowers on my tombstone.

Eat the walls, Eat the walls that get in your way.
If that breaks your teeth thats a smile you can keep,
For the rest of your days,
But you'll fall far from grace,
You'll fail to show the sunny side of that funny face.

Choose to go blind blind blind (goodbye)
Choose to go blind blind blind (goodbye)

Well its my queen, so serene (goodbye)
Well its my queen so serene (goodbye)

Finding it hard to step out the front door (goodbye)
Physical nature has taken its toll (goodbye)
Track Name: Cosmic Waltz
‘All your brightest moments are,
Dancing rays on jupiter,
They fall from the dying sun...
And when I die,
I wont be laid, 
A sailor laid to rest upon the moon...
Won't you be back soon,
Won't you be back...’

All your brightest moments are,
Dancing rays on jupiter,
They fall from the dying sun...

This is now the greatest day, 
I know, I saw, I made.

They spin and they spin those lights in the sky,
Reflecting upon a world passing by,
...But still we dance...

We were made to shiver by the banks of the river,
Where I sold my mind to the moon,
Live will drag you down, 
By all the lies you put on sale,
But I'll be dancing in the sky right after dark...

And when I die,
I wont be laid, 
A sailor laid to rest upon the moon,
Won't you be back soon...

This is the greatest day,
Or night I came to stay upon the Moon, 
Wont you be be back soon...

Late at night when he can't be saved,
The Scarecrow and his masquerade the Moon,
Be Back Soon...

All your brightest moments are,
Dancing rays on jupiter,
They fall from the dying sun...